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Melissa has developed several different pool related programs through her (ViperKidz) which empowers and prepares kids for essential life lessons through the sport of pocket billiards.


The benefits of kids playing pool are not limited to building their mental focus, creativity and critical thinking. Playing pool improves their physical health teaching them hand-eye coordination, it burns calories and helps with stretching and balance!


On an educational note, Cue Sports is 100% mathematics and each shot can be broken down using Geometry, Physics, Calculus, Probability, Statistics and basic math skills.


All of our events for kids ages 7-19 and our tournaments are handicapped by ages groups.


For more information please contact our tournament director Melissa Little at 720-690-5214


Scheduled Pool Tournaments

ViperKidz Invitational 8-Ball Tournament

ViperKidz Open 10-Ball Championships

ViperKidz 8-Ball Bar Table Championships

Viperkidz 9-Ball Bar-Table Championships

13th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships

Other Upcoming Events

Big Brothers & Sisters Event

Viper Kids Boot Camp

In-School Accredited Math/Pool Class

ViperKidz was made with LOVE and lots of donations!


Do you LOVE what we do?


We depend on people and/or companies to donate (Most commonly small donations of $25-$100 or high amounts of $250-$5k are made).

Donations help with additional prizes for the kids (The more the merrier)

CLICK on our dedicated PayPal donation button below to help our kids out!

Want to donate prizes to our kids goody bags?

We recommend (4-30) total prizes)


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